The Table of the Mercy tries to mitigate, although it is a single day to the week the immense need of food that suffer the poorest sectors of the city. The table is served every Wednesday of each week in the San Antonio María Claret Church and all its spaces are used for health, hygiene and teaching activities of the Word of God. The original idea of ​​giving a meal once a week was transformed into a compendium of activities that seek to enhance the dignity of those human beings who for different reasons live in extreme poverty.


Our Table of Mercy has been multiplying, there are many people joining with desire to collaborate, to participate. The ideal vision would be that it did not exist because that would mean that the problem of hunger was over, but in the midst of the difficult situation in Venezuela, the Church, expert in humanity and inspired by the Gospel, accompanies the people in their suffering, living it with them . In times of crisis the church unites, grows and strengthens.