When we first met in Father Duarte’s office with the certainty that we had to do something and with no idea how we were going to do it, we never thought about the repercussion and multiplying effect that our initiative would have. Serving others affects not only the one who receives but the one who gives.

Once we started with the first meal we realized the need to humanize, sensitize and rescue the moral values ​​so the Table of Mercy, little by little, became the perfect instrument to put into practice all the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Today the Table of Mercy has 12 stations that, in addition to give a plate of food, offers medical services, personal hygiene, hairdressing as we teach the word of God.

The Table of Mercy represents the merge between the need to “receive” and need to “give”, resulting in a total and perfect union of human beings that emphasize the true essence of man as it was created by God.

To give a smile and a shoulder to cry is to have God present doing good and transforming souls.